To millions of public media consumers  in the Arab World, Yousef Essmaeel is one of the most beloved news-media figures . For nearly five decades, his work in print, radio and television gained him millions of readers, listeners and viewers. During two of these decades, he produced and delivered the most popular weekly TV news magazine in Arabic. In addition, he produced and delivered numerous popular radio shows that focused on local, regional and world events.

Throughout his career with the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) he covered news of the most important historical landmarks of our time. To his audience, his voice and image became inseparable features of life’s soundtrack.  According to colleagues and media observers he maintained professional standards of the highest order while commanding unprecedented popularity and trust in one of the world’s most contentious media markets.

In the late nineties and while at the peak of his career Yousef Essmaeel decided to take a break from the news-media. Putting his formal legal education into good use he accepted an appointment to serve as Judge-Magistrate at a regional courthouse in the picturesque Galilee. 

After a few years in the legal field Yousef Essmaeel returned to his old flame: journalism. He serves as commentator for several Arab media outlets and lends his celebrity to support myriad social projects and activities. For example, under the auspices of the Arab College of Education in Haifa (“Arab University”) he chairs the Steering Committee for the establishment of Arab radio and television channels. Central to his advocacy work, he champions social causes within his Galilean community. On the national level he promotes interfaith dialogue and remains a strong proponent of peace and democracy in the Holy Land.

He is married to Suheila and is the proud father of three sons. According to him, however, his most valued treasure is his six-year old grandson who (to his grandpa’s delight….) is also named Yousef.

At present day, Yousef Essmaeel continues to hail from the village of Rame…his place of birth and residence.

  1. One of the brightest commentators on Arab and Meedle East matters

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